Test Your Brain And Vocabulary With Word Trek


Word games can be predictable, but you can expect a lot more fun with Word Trek – Word brain puzzles, which promises amazing fun and great puzzles.

Word Trek iconAbout Word Trek

The game is available for both iOS and Android platforms and is free for download. However, there are in-app purchases within the app. Word Trek – Word brain puzzles has been designed by very well-known developers- PlaySimple Games Private Limited.

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How to get started?

You can play like a guest or use Facebook connect to start the game. The task is very easy – You need to find words hidden in a grid that contains letters. The initial puzzles are small, but as you go ahead, you will find 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 puzzles, which are quite hard. The puzzles must also be solved in the right order, else you will be at the dead end of the puzzle. When you are struck, you can choose to use hints, which are free initially, but you need to spend real cash soon, so use them wisely. The fingers can be swiped in any ways to connect the letters.

What’s good?

The tutorial at the start is good and the game gets momentum right from the second level. The puzzle packs are named like bacteria and amoeba, which is fun! The puzzles are quite hard, and it may take months before you can complete the game. The tutorial at the start is a good addition.

What’s not great?

The game only takes those words it wants, so even if you make right words, it won’t be accepted. Also, you have to complete one pack to move to the next.

Final verdict

If you are just looking for fun and new word game, Word Trek is pretty much has it all for everyone!

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