Challenge Your Mind A Tad More With Pixwords

PixWords brings the whole genre of word puzzles, which may seem familiar, but there is a lot more than what you see on the surface.

PixWordsAbout PixWords

Black Maple Games has designed and released the game. PixWords follows the same format as with guessing games based on picture clues, but the levels are much more challenging. The game is free for download for both iOS and Android, but there are in-app purchases within the app.

How to get started?

The game starts like a crossword, and you will have to guess the words in the set, but without any kind of fixed grid. Every word must be guessed using a picture clue and a complete set of letters jumbled together. The levels are complicated right from the start, and if you are unable to solve a puzzle, there are hints, which can be used to find the right letters or removing the unwanted ones. Also, you can use hints to reveal answers. As needed, you can buy more from the store for real case.

What’s good?

If you are new to guessing games, PixWords may seem tough, but that’s the best thing about this puzzler. With around 500 levels and the support for 21 languages, you have every reason to come back for more. The interface, design and style is well done, without any lags, and that’s also a good effort from the developers.

What’s not great?

You will hate the full screen ads popping up time and again, and it seriously hampers the game flow. The hints are expensive as compared to other games. Also, a tutorial at the start would have been helpful.

Final verdict

If you want a puzzler that teases and puzzles you, PixWords is just the right choice. For the amazing experience alone, you should take a try.

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