Explore Grid Word Guessing in Words Crush

Think you have a thing for word games? Take a shot at the much popular Words Crush – Hidden Words, which promises more for the same kind of premise.

Words CrushAbout Words Crush

The game has been designed and developed by BitMango and is intended to be the ultimate guessing game for many tweaks. The game is available for iOS and Android for free download. However, there are a few in-app purchases, which can come handy at every level.

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How to get started?

As in many word guessing games, the task is the same, where you have a grid full of letters, and you need to swipe your finger to find the right letters. You can find words in vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards modes, as needed. It is essential to find all the words on the list, so that you can cross a level. The time you take to solve a puzzle, will be noted, so keep an eye for the same. The game can also be played in five different modes – easy, normal, hard, extreme, and variety. Hints are there to help, and you can buy extra from the store.

What’s good?

Overall, the interface and design is well planned and designed, and the developers offer support for all devices. There are also free hints, which is a great thing, and the tutorial at the start is a good addition. You can opt for data sync with facebook. As for the puzzles, every level works well.

What’s not great?

From banner ads to full screen ads, the game really gets annoying after a point. If you can skip that part, the rest is a breezy affair.

Final verdict

Words Crush might not be the best game in the genre, but it does make a difference, and for that alone, you need to take a try!

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